The SisterHouse Program

SisterHouse provides a networking community of women with a familial environment committed to excel and improve all dimensions of their lives.

Each new member of SisterHouse is genuinely welcomed and embraced with a love that will continue to speak word and deed as they begin a new life…together.

SisterHouse requires accountability and personal responsibility to the group. It offers a secure, structured, and peaceful environment where women can grow in self-esteem and spiritual maturity.

Four-Phase Program

Phase I: 4 Months

The first phase encompasses the first three months at SisterHouse.  Residents begin with an intensive study of the first five of the twelve steps and will participate in fifteen hours of intensive individual and group therapy weekly with our Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  They are enrolled in our life skills program, they work on special projects towards the development of a personal spirituality, and they attend 10 AA meetings per week.

Phase II: 6 Months

The women will continue to receive individual mental health and group therapy with our LCSW and will set individual goals in life skills and job training along with their continued focus on recovery and community living.  They continue to study the twelve steps, attend five to six AA meetings per week and continue their participation in our life skills program. Ideally, women are admitted to the Cara Program for powerful motivation sessions and job training.

Phase III: 8-14 Months

During the third phase, the women will develop a network of supportive relationships while pursuing goals related to spirituality, family reconciliation, employment, and future living arrangements. They continue with regular mental health therapy, continue studying the 12 steps and attending AA meetings with their sponsors. They will complete their job-training program and find employment during this stage and are working towards saving money to get a place of their own.

Phase IV: 12 Months 

(New):  At the discretion and recommendation of the staff, women who maintain their sobriety and are employed will be offered the opportunity to stay in one of our new supportive housing units located in our Sisterhouse Annex directly behind the main house.  We have made this housing option available due to feedback we received from many of our phase 3 clients who need a bridge to independent living.  The fear and anxiety they feel as they are nearing the end of their time at Sisterhouse is substantial.  For most of these women, they have never lived on their own and they need a more gradual separation to reduce the chance of relapse.