The SisterHouse Program

SisterHouse provides a networking community of women with a familial environment committed to excel and improve all dimensions of their lives.

Each new member of SisterHouse is genuinely welcomed and embraced with a love that will continue to speak word and deed as they begin a new life…together.

SisterHouse requires accountability and personal responsibility to the group. It offers a secure, structured, and peaceful environment where women can grow in self-esteem and spiritual maturity.

Three-Phase Program

Phase I: 4 Months

The program begins with the three months of 12-hour intensive outpatient therapy and study of the first five steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, five to seven AA meetings per week, Adult Education classes, and an introduction to communitarian lifestyle.

Phase II: 6 Months

The women set individual goals that help them to focus on recovery and gain a sense of community. The women are referred to a job readiness program where they are extensively trained and given best practices on how to dress for success, create/update resume(s), computer/typing skills and job training/search. The residents continue to study the Twelve Steps and attend four to six AA meetings per week. Residents also practice time and money management over the course of these 3 months.

Phase III: 8-14 Months

The women develop a network of supportive relationships for their lifelong process of recovery as this aspect of our program focuses on job search, employment opportunities, finance management, housing search and the reunification of families. The elements of support and challenge continue as we assist the women in creating short and long-term goals for their future.