Resident Statistics

Statistics About SisterHouse Residents

Self Reported Data. Annual Summary of Census: January 1-December 31, 2019

Length of Stay:

Average length of stay (in months) at SisterHouse: 18-24 months.

Since coming to SisterHouse:
  • Number who have completed Phase 1 only (4 months): 17 (65%).The program begins with orientation, assessment, TB test, credit report pull , NA/AA ten times a week, IOP, obtain a sponsor, must have a physical, attend all in-house meeting and life skills groups.  Study the first three steps of the 12 steps of NA/AA anonymous, budgeting. 40 hrs of community service is required.
  • Number who have completed Phases 1 and 2 only: (6 months)17 (65%).The women set individual goals that help them to focus on recovery and gain a sense of community.   The women of SisterHouse are extensively trained through our Job Readiness program and given best practices on how to dress for success, create/update resume(s), computer/typing skills and job training/search.   The residents continue to study the twelve steps and attend ten AA/NA self help meetings per week.   Residents also practice time and money management over the course of these six months.  Residents can obtain three Day Passes in phase II every two months (ONLY 8 HOURS). 60 hrs of community service is required
  • Number who have completed Phases 1, 2 and 3 (18-24 months): 16 (61%).The women develop a network of supportive relationships for their lifelong process of recovery as this aspect of our program focuses on job search, more employment opportunities, housing search and reunification of families.  Residents can obtain Day Passes every two months (ONLY 8 HOURS). Resident can also obtain one overnight or weekend pass every two month.  (AT THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR’S DISCRETION)  Residents can choose there on meeting place NA, AA, and must make a meeting a day, must have a sponsor 180 hrs of community service is required (A total of 180 community service hours in total for full completion of the “Recovery is Possible” program)

Characteristics Of Our Residents

Profile of women served of the past 2 years, 2019-20

Total number clients during that time: 46
Average age: 45 years old
Age range: 21+ years

  • 91% verified homeless
  • 91.5% released from prison or another institution with no place to go
  • 67.2% have at least one felony conviction
  • 61.5% have no high school diploma/GED
  • 84.2% have history of DV
  • 68.4% regularly involved in prostitution
  • 100% have no private health insurance
  • 56.7% have untreated mental illness
  • 89% African American
  • 9% Caucasian
  • 2% Hispanic